Types of Window Tint

Types of Window Tint Tucson Auto Tint Offers

Here at Tucson Auto Tint, we only install the best window tinting products on ALL of our customers cars! We make it an affordable window tinting experience for all of Tucson, AZ! We carry, Carbon window tint, Carbon/Ceramic blend window tint, full blend ceramic window tint and finally, our IR ceramic window tint. Down below we’ll give some insight into the car window tint we offer.

Carbon Window Tint: This is our entry level window tint. We don’t offer any dyed films for our entry film as most of our competitors do. Reason being, they do not last. Ever see those car window tints bubbling, faded or purple? Those are dyed films, and we choose not to install those on our customers vehicles. We think you deserve a better auto window tint than that! Our Suntek Carbon Series is color stable (won’t turn purple!) and is an affordable window tinting option. You will get those windows darker for privacy and keep you a little cooler for the brutal summers!

Window Tinting Tucson

Carbon/Ceramic Blend Window Tint (CXP): Looking to get the most bang for your buck? Well here it is, our CXP Window Tint Series! This is the entry point into the ceramic window tint world right here. Up to 75% heat rejection and 99% UV ray rejection you are sure to feel the difference from your car window tint! With the properties of carbon film and ceramic window tint you are getting an affordable auto window tint, that is high performing!

Ceramic Window Tint: Next up, our full blend Suntek Ceramic. Now we are easing our way into the high heat rejection window tint (Up to 85% heat rejection to be exact!). Ceramic window tint is a unique concept. Traditional thinking will lead us to believe that darker the window film the more heat it will block. This is wrong when dealing with ceramic window tint. Due to the ceramic particles embedded in the window film you will experience just about the same heat rejection from the clearest window tint to the darkest. There is very little difference in heat rejection from light to dark ceramic tint. Putting them back-to-back you will not even feel the difference. We highly recommend our clear ceramic film for the front windshield tint and moonroof tint.

 IR Ceramic Window Tint: Now we are here. The pinnacle of window tint perfection! This is where your car window tint experience will never be the same (sorry!). Once you get this window tint, you will always want this for your vehicle! Our Ceramic Pro IR Ceramic window tint is one of the best on the market, if not the best on the market. Offering a mind blowing 96% heat rejection and 99% UV ray rejection you will now understand what it feels like to drive in a cool vehicle in Tucson, AZ. Your AC will blast ice cold and be much more responsive! And you won’t feel near as much heat next to your windows (Just don’t forget the front windshield tint and moonroof tint!). If you own a Tesla, this is the window tint we recommend for you!


Question: Why do you recommend tinting the front windshield?

Answer: The windshield is the largest piece of glass on your vehicle that allows massive amounts of heat in. With our clear ceramic tint, you can block most of that out and feel much more comfortable in your car, all while protecting the interior from fading or sun damage!

Question: What shades of window tint do you offer?

Answer: It depends on the lineup of film you choose to go with, as there will be slight variation. But to give you an idea, the shades slightly vary from 5%, 20%, 35%, 45% and 70% for the front windshield tint.

Question: What kind of warranty do you offer? What does it cover?

Answer: We offer a lifetime warranty with all our auto window tint installation! Meaning if it ever fades, bubbles, peels, discolors you are 100% covered. There will be no out of pocket costs to you in those scenarios. Most competitors will only cover material, but we cover material and labor!

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