Tesla Window Tint

Tesla Window Tint Specialists in Tucson, AZ

Tucson Auto Tint is proud to be a Tesla window tint specialist! As a Tesla owner you understand these vehicles need the most care while handling your vehicle. Our trained window tint professionals know how Tesla’s work and operate. That’s what makes us Tucson’s preferred Tesla window tint shop!

We offer only the highest rated window tint for all our vehicles, especially for Tesla’s we recommend our high heat rejection IR ceramic window tint. From our experience these vehicles have much more glass and require a higher level of protection. Made by Ceramic Pro, we carry their top tier automotive window tint, Kavaca IR Ceramic tint. One of the best films in the window tinting market! With a staggering 96% heat rejection and 99% UV ray rejection, your car window tint will be no match for the sweltering Tucson heat!

Don’t forget to add the front windshield tint or the moonroof/sunroof tint! You’ll want to enjoy your beautiful vehicle to the fullest! We offer clear ceramic front windshield tint that does not hinder your clear view while providing the most protection. Even our clear ceramic window film will perform extremely high, at up to 88% heat rejection. We offer live demonstrations at our two locations proving just how effective these window tints are!


Question: Will water damage my Tesla during the window tint installation?

Answer: No. Water will not damage anything in your Tesla. During the window tint installation, we make sure to use door panel covers, dash towels and soak ropes to catch water from the installation.

Question: Do you cut on the glass of my Tesla? I don’t want any scratches on my glass.

Answer: We use advanced computer cut patterns in all our car window tint installations. This will give the most accurate pattern of the window and esnure we don’t put a knife to your car at all!

Question: How does the clear ceramic window tint keep the heat out? I thought the darker the tint, the more heat is blocked.

Answer: Ceramic window tint works by using nano ceramic particles embedded in the film that blocks the heat directly. This means that the color or shade of the window tint has minimal impact on how much heat is blocked. Even our clear window tint, that we highly recommend for moonroof tint and front windshield tint, blocks out up to 88% of the heat!

Question: Why should I trust your company with my Tesla?

Answer: Our staff has been specifically trained on how to handle Tesla’s. Each member of our staff has learned the ins and outs on installation, care, hardware removal and special techniques geared towards Tesla window tinting.

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