Commercial Window Tint

Commercial Window Tint

Looking to make your commercial property energy efficient and comfortable? Window tinting is an optimal solution! Getting your office tint, or store front window tint could never be easier! Here’s some benefits below.


  1. Return on Investment:  With window film installed on your commercial property you can control the heat gain during the summer and the heat loss during the winter. On average, according to the U.S Department of Energy window tint will save up to 30% on cooling costs! This will account to potentially thousands saved in the long term on heating and cooling costs!
  2. Ultraviolet Ray Protection: Commercial window tint will help preserve the interior of your business and yourself! If you have products in the line of direct sun, they will be damaged from the UV rays over time. If in the office and having the UV rays hit your skin every day, you will be more at risk of skin cancer. Window tint will block out these dangerous UV rays up to 99%! The Skin Cancer Foundation recognizes window film as one of the most effective UV window treatments available!
  3. Increase Comfort: Window tint will only make your property that much more comfortable to be in! Cut the obnoxious glare from the sun to allow yourself to be productive in your setting. All while staying much cooler in your building, allowing the window tint to work for you!


Question: How much heat does commercial window film block?

Answer: We have a large array of window films that can block up to 85% of the heat!

Question: If the windows have seal failure or any kind of damage to them, can I tint them?

Answer: No, you do not want to tint damaged windows! The window is already compromised and needs to be repaired before tinting.

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