Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic Window Tint in Tucson, AZ

Tucson’s unique desert climate demands high-performance window tinting solutions. It’s as simple as that. And with Ceramic Window Tinting from Tucson Auto Glass & Tint, you get all those benefits while also improving the look of your car.

We have multiple levels of ceramic tinting for you to choose from, matching anybody’s budget and needs in the Tucson area. Whether you’re looking for protection for your interior, greater comfort, or improved aesthetics, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Ceramic Window Tint Tiers

Ceramic (73% Heat Reduction | 99% UV Reduction)

This might be our entry-level ceramic tint option, but it still provides your car with superior UV protection and heat rejection when compared with traditional window tint. That means this beginner package is an incredible value, giving you a cost-effective way to benefit from our ceramic window tinting technology.

Ceramic Plus (89% Heat Reduction | 99% UV Reduction)

Ceramic Plus increases the heat rejection capabilities of your car window tint while also dialing up the UV protection. This is especially helpful for drivers who tally up plenty of road time, requiring that extra level of comfort and protection from the Arizona sun.

Rival IR Ceramic (99% Heat Reduction | 100% UV Reduction)

This is the very best in ceramic window tinting. The Rival IR Ceramic window tint offers you full UV protection, and the heat rejection is astronomical. Your vehicle will stay cool and undamaged, even in the peak of summer. It’s a premium option — the perfect choice for those who want the very best for their car.

Why Choose Tucson Auto Glass & Tint?

At Tucson Auto Glass & Tint, we’ve built a reputation for being the very best at what we do. How did we do that?

  • Expert Team: Our staff of highly trained experts employ the very latest in material science and ceramic window tinting technology to deliver a flawless end result. From our facilities to our tints, we invest in the best. Perfect application is vital — giving your car a head-turning look and peak performance.

  • Great Value: Value isn’t about doing everything on the cheap. It’s about maximizing every dollar the client spends — so that you can invest in your vehicle with confidence. Our transparent pricing lets you make clear decisions, and our ceramic window tints are priced to be accessible. And we even have financing options available for greater flexibility.

  • Fully Customized Solutions: Every driver is unique. So we offer you multiple tiers to choose from. We are also able to tackle any custom ride you drive in the shop with — making us the go-to solution for people with exotic and luxury cars.

Choose Excellence, Choose Tucson Auto Glass & Tint

If you are a Tucson vehicle owner, you need help in the fight against the desert sun. Contact Tucson Auto Glass & Tint and get the best Ceramic Window Tint services in the area. We have options to fit any budget, as well as convenient options for installation and financing. So what are you waiting for?

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