Car Vinyl Wrap

Car Vinyl Wrap in Tucson, AZ

What is a car vinyl wrap?

Car vinyl wrap is exactly as it sounds. Its vinyl wrapped around a car! Actually, it’s a little more complex than that, but that’s the easiest explanation. There’s a multitude of car wrap available; the options are almost endless. From getting a full-on color change vinyl wrap, to just some racing stripes on your car. The possibilities are endless!

Car vinyl wrap has unique finishes that are very difficult to replicate with paint. Vinyl finishes include, gloss, matte, brush, carbon fiber, metallic and chrome. You may be asking, why should I vinyl wrap my car? And what are the benefits? We will answer those questions down below.


  1. Vinyl Wrap Styles– There’s a large library of vinyl wraps out there and it is still expanding. There are finishes that you couldn’t even imagine are possible from vinyl.
  2. Flexibility– One huge benefit of car vinyl wraps is that they are not permanent! They can be taken off safely, with no damage to the paint from a quality vinyl. If you ever decide to go  back to the original color of your car, you can. There is full reversibility!
  3. Affordability– Car vinyl wraps are more affordable than your traditional paint job. Sometimes up to half as much, on a comparable paint job. Quality control is also superior than a paint job.
  4. Warranty– There are a few different suppliers we use such as 3M, KPMF, and Avery-Dennison. Depending on the film type, the manufacturer warranty can be anywhere from 5-7 years! Which means you will be getting your money’s worth!
  5. Designs– If you are needing racing stripes it can be done. Looking for just a roof or hood wrap, it can be done. Looking for a spoiler to be vinyl wrapped, it can be done. Looking to get a Chrome delete, it can be done. There’s an abundance of choices out there to make your ride more stylish and personalized! Ask us how, and we can help!


Question: If I decide to take off the car vinyl wrap, will it damage my vehicle’s paint?

Answer: No. If your paint was original and in good condition prior to putting the vinyl car wrap and you opted to use a quality vinyl, there should be no issues.

Question: How much will a car vinyl wrap cost me?

Answer: There is not a one size fit all answer. All projects will vary in cost. Feel free to reach out to us, and our vinyl specialist will be able to help you out!

Question: How would I maintain a car vinyl wrap?

Answer: Keeping the wrap clean on your car will preserve it for years to come. You want to take it through a brushless car wash or hand wash it. We recommend waxing the wrap too, for an extra layer of protection. Keeping the vehicle out of the sun when parked has been proven to dramatically extend the life of the vinyl wrap.

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