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ADAS Calibration Services in Tucson, AZ

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) represent a significant leap forward in vehicle safety and efficiency. And yet, they often need to be recalibrated with a windshield replacement — something many shops in Tucson don’t do. But we offer ADAS calibration services, whether you got your windshield replaced with us or just want to make sure everything is in perfect working order.

Tucson Auto Tint & Glass is your partner in maintaining and calibrating these critically important systems. They ensure you are safe on the road, and we ensure that they are working at 100%.

We offer specialized ADAS Calibration services in-house, getting all your vehicle’s safety features operating correctly, especially after a windshield replacement.

Why ADAS Calibration is Essential

Vehicles equipped with ADAS, like Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS), Adaptive Cruise Control, and other safety sensors, rely heavily on windshield-mounted cameras and sensors.

Whenever a windshield is replaced, it’s important to take the time to check how all of these systems are operating and if any recalibration is needed. Without this step, the safety features you rely on will likely malfunction.

To maintain the safety of your car, you need ADAS calibration every time you get a windshield replacement. For this reason, our Tucson ADAS calibration service is a critical step to protect yourself and your family.

Comprehensive Calibration Services in Tucson

Tucson Auto Tint & Glass provides both Static and Dynamic ADAS calibrations to cover the full spectrum of recalibration needs:

  • What is static calibration for ADAS? With static calibration, we calibrate your ADAS in a highly controlled environment using state-of-the-art specialized equipment. This is an essential feature. This allows us to accurately align cameras and sensors to the vehicle’s geometric centerline. It’s a meticulous process, getting your vehicle’s ADAS features at their absolute best accuracy to interpret road and traffic conditions.

  • What is dynamic calibration for ADAS? With that more meticulous step complete, it’s time for dynamic calibration, which involves taking the vehicle on the road. Here, we calibrate the ADAS systems in real-world driving conditions. This method considers real-world scenarios, like live traffic, road signs, and lane markings. You can rest assured that your vehicle’s safety systems are fully functional.

Expert Technicians for Precise Calibration

Our team of expert technicians stays trained on the latest in ADAS calibration. By maintaining that expertise, we are able to give the very best calibration of ADAS in the Tucson area — no matter your make or model.

We equip our team with the latest technology and the best facilities, empowering them to make the most of their knowledge and provide you with extreme precision in your ADAS calibration.

Convenient, Reliable, and Trustworthy Service

Choose convenience. Choose reliability. Choose precision. Choose value. Choose Tucson Auto Tint & Glass for your ADAS Calibration service.

Using both static and dynamic calibration, our experts handle everything you need to drive confident that your vehicle’s safety systems are 100% functional.

Contact us today to schedule your ADAS Calibration appointment and drive with the assurance that your vehicle’s safety systems are calibrated to perfection.

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