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Tucson Auto Tint & Glass gives you the best window tinting services for your car, home, or business. We only use the best materials in the industry and state-of-the-art technology to deliver big results that keep our customers coming back.

Looking for a team of experts to do your window tinting? We’ve got the best professionals in Arizona, all dedicated to getting your car looking its best.

  • Want to Enhance The Look of Your Vehicle
  • Protect From Sun Damage
  • Ensure The Longevity of Your Car’s Paint

Then, request a live quote right now — because you’ve already found the best auto window tinting in Tucson.

Tucson Car Window Tinting Services

Automotive Window Tint

Our window tint is essential for heat rejection, glare reduction, and UV protection. This service enhances your driving experience and protects your car’s interior from fading.

We offer a variety of shades and finishes to suit your style and remain fully compliant with Arizona’s window tinting laws. The state of Arizona mandates a maximum of 33% VLT for the front passenger windows — but there is no limit for rear side and back window. That gives you plenty of options to explore with our specialists.

Tesla Window Tint

Tesla vehicles are known for their unique design and beautiful finishes. But those don’t last long in desert conditions. Plus, their specialty models require an expert’s hand.

Our Tesla window tint service is tailored specifically for Tesla models, which means you get a perfect fit and finish. Tesla’s panoramic glass roofs and large windshields need that extra level of care, and when you choose Tucson Auto Tint & Glass, you can trust us to enhance the look of your Tesla while providing you with optimal comfort and UV protection.

Residential Window Tint

Why not bring the power of window tinting home? Our residential window tinting services do just that — giving your windows high-quality window tint that adds a sleek, modern look to your home while they:

  • Reduce Glare
  • Protect Furniture From Sun Damage
  • Significantly Lower Energy Bills
  • Provide Privacy

The harsh Tucson sun is no match for your new residential window tinting. We provide you with a range of styles and shades, all 100% customized to match your home’s design.

Commercial Window Tint

Your Tucson business has to battle the desert sun, and our commercial window tinting services give you the ultimate weapon in that fight. This works for everything from small storefronts to large office buildings.

Our commercial window tint improves the look of your property and provide practical benefits that boost your bottom line. Commercial window tint will drastically reduce cooling costs and minimize glare on computer screens. It’s an investment in your business’s comfort, security, and energy efficiency.

Automotive Windshield Replacement

Your vehicle’s windshield is one of the most important components for safety. Tucson Auto Tint & Glass provides top-level windshield replacement services. Our experienced technicians install new windshields with stunning precision, perfectly fitting all safety standards.

It starts with the best materials — windshields that give you ultimate clarity and durability, even in the desert conditions of Arizona. We then rely on the experience and professionalism of our team, who will give you dedicated work fully replacing your windshield.

Ceramic Coating

Between the dust and the harsh UV rays, vehicles in Arizona need as much protection as they can get. That’s why so many car owners in Tucson come to us for our ceramic coating services. This advanced treatment adds a protective layer to your car’s exterior, guarding against scratches, dirt, and environmental contaminants.

Want your car to look jaw-dropping year-round? Contact Tucson Auto Tint & Glass. Our team of expert technicians uses cutting-edge technology to give your car a ceramic coating that provides superior protection and a glossy, showroom finish. And thanks to its hydrophobic qualities, you can more easily clean your car and keep it looking great in the long term.

Paint Protection Film

Looking for a shield against chipping, scratching, and staining on your car’s paint? Then you want paint protection film from Tucson Auto Tint & Glass. This gives you extra help in fighting the harsh desert environment with a film that guards against all kinds of conditions — even road debris, bird droppings, and tree sap.

Our paint protection film uses advanced material science to produce a self-healing surface that makes minor scratches literally disappear on their own. That keeps your car’s exterior in immaculate condition, maintaining its value and look. But that’s only if your paint protection film is applied by experts, like the team at Tucson Auto Tint & Glass.

Car Vinyl Wrap

Want to express yourself and totally transform the look of your car? Vinyl wraps give you endless creative possibilities to improve the look of your vehicle. Our ever-expanding library includes a wide range of colors and designs. Bringing your creativity to life.

Our technicians apply the wrap with extreme precision, resulting in a flawless finish. We give that level of dedication whether you want a small detail added or need the entire car wrapped.

Shades Available

Why Tucson Auto Tint ?

If you’re looking for the all-star window tint team, Tucson Auto Tint are the specialists. We offer affordable window tint services with “No Sacrifice To Quality”. Looking for window tinting near me? We offer a mobile tinting service at a small premium.

Tucson Auto Tint’s Goal!

Our goal is simple. Provide a premium window tint service to all of Tucson while maintaining an affordable price. We achieve this goal by tinting hundreds of cars every month by offerings the best prices in Tucson. A great product at a great price generates a lot of buzz. Our commitment to our customers will continue to be our priority and maintain our title as #1 Tint Service in Tucson.


David Rinker
David Rinker
Great value and service, will be taking my truck in soon
Jon Wilson
Jon Wilson
I had an awesome experience with Tucson auto tint. Great window tint and price. Staff was friendly and really helpful. I would highly recommend using them.
Sheri Keyeski
Sheri Keyeski
Happy with my car windows!
matthew finlay
matthew finlay
Great service!! Product delivered ad promised. 10/10 will use again on future vehicles!
Cliff Ormsby
Cliff Ormsby
Okay, put it this way... Tucson Auto Tint was the 3rd or 4th company I called to get quotes from. By far they are the friendlyest representative I had ever talked too. Not just in the tinting business either.. I'm talking in general, they have to be one of the nicest most knowledgeable professionals I've ever delt with. Then to top everything off they did an amazing job tinting my car. It looks amazing!! Some of the cleanest work I've ever seen! So if you're looking to get your car or house tinted hit them up, they'll be more than happy to help you. Good luck and come join the rest of us with bada** window tint!!🤜🏼🤛🏼
Silvia Castellanos
Silvia Castellanos
I highly recommend them I love the results and the prices are affordable thank you .
Chris Swanberg
Chris Swanberg
Absolute top notch and best prices in town. Had my wife’s new car tinted and ceramic coated on the windshield. Great explanation of products. Timeframe was exact! Bringing my big Tundra in next!
Nina Valenzuela
Nina Valenzuela
Amazing and fast experience! Top quality customer service! I had an awful experience at The Tint Specialists, and Tucson Auto Tint got me in right away! I highly recommend if you want fast, efficient, and professional. Take your vehicle here! Thank you again!

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